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Teens Top Ten Fiction 2015 - YALSA

Cover Art
I Become Shadow - Joe Shine
Call Number: Overdrive eBook
ISBN: 9781616953584
Publication Date: 2014-06-10
Ren Sharpe was abducted at fourteen, chosen by the mysterious F.A.T.E. Center to become a Shadow:
an unstoppable guardian of a future leader/world changer. After four years of training, she is assigned to
protect Gareth Young, one of these future beings, an easy assignment, until a team of trained and
armed professionals attempt to abduct him in broad daylight. With nowhere else to turn, Ren breaks
F.A.T.E. rules and tracks down the only person she can trust; a fellow Shadow named Junie Miller, and
decides that her kidnappers may be able to see the future, but they are unprepared for the killing
machines they've created.

Cover Art
To All the Boys I've Loved Before - Jenny Han
Call Number: FIC HAN
ISBN: 9781442426702
Publication Date: 2014-04-15
Lara Jean has a teal hatbox under her bed filled with all her precious things, old feelings, and memories
that should be buried forever. In that box, there are letters Lara has written to all the boys she has ever
loved with no intention of ever sending them. One day, the hat box goes missing, marking the beginning
of a series of confrontations she never thought she’d have to face.

Cover Art
Heir of Fire - Sarah J. Maas
Call Number: Overdrive eBook
ISBN: 9781619630673
Publication Date: 2015-09-01
Celaena, the King’s Champion, has faced many challenges throughout her life, but none compare to
what she must now face. As the King of Adarlan seeks to destroy all that she cares about, Celaena must
learn to control her powers while deciding who should fight back: Celaena the assassin or Aelin the Fae

Cover Art
Let's Get Lost - Adi Alsaid
Call Number: Overdrive eBook
ISBN: 9780373211494
Publication Date: 2015-05-26
As Leila struggles to come to terms with her new life, she grasps for the only thing she knows is real, the
northern lights. On her cross-country trip to see them, she meets four people that not only change her,
but change because of her. She helps them in ways they didn't know they needed, and they help her
more than she realizes.

Cover Art
The Young Elites - Marie Lu
Call Number: FIC LU
ISBN: 9780147511683
Publication Date: 2015-08-25
Adelina Amouteru survived the blood fever, a deadly illness that killed many, but left others with strange markings and supernatural powers. Cast out by her family, Adelina joins the secret society of the Young Elites and discovers her own dangerous abilities.

Cover Art
The Geography of You and Me - Jennifer E. Smith
Call Number: FIC SMITH and Overdrive eBook
ISBN: 9780316254762
Publication Date: 2015-03-03
Lucy and Owen get stuck in an elevator in a New York City blackout. When they finally get out of the
elevator, they spend the night looking at the stars. Soon after the blackout, Lucy moves away to
Scotland while Owen heads out west. With that night in-grained into their minds, they try to stay in
touch with each other while trying to figure out what that night truly meant for both of them.

Cover Art
My Life with the Walter Boys - Ali Novak
Call Number: FIC NOVAK
ISBN: 9781402297861
Publication Date: 2014-03-01
ackie does not like surprises. Chaos is the enemy! The best way to get her successful, busy parents to notice her is to be perfect. The perfect look, the perfect grades-the perfect daughter. And then...

Surprise #1: Jackie's family dies in a freak car accident.

Surprise #2: Jackie has to move cross-country to live with the Walters-her new guardians.

Surprise #3: The Walters have twelve sons. (Well, eleven, but Parker acts like a boy anyway)

Now Jackie must trade in her Type A personality and New York City apartment for a Colorado ranch and all the wild Walter boys who come with it. Jackie is surrounded by the enemy-loud, dirty, annoying boys who have no concept of personal space. Okay, several of the oldest guys are flat-out gorgeous. But still annoying. She's not stuck-up or boring-no matter what they say. But proving it is another matter. How can she fit in and move on when she needs to keep her parents' memory alive by living up to the promise of perfect?

Cover Art
The Bane Chronicles - Cassandra Clare (Editor); Maureen Johnson; Sarah Rees Brennan
Call Number: FIC CLARE
ISBN: 9781442495661
Publication Date: 2014-11-11
This collection of eleven short stories illuminates the life of the enigmatic Magnus Bane, whose alluring personality, flamboyant style, and sharp wit populate the pages of the #1 New York Times bestselling series, The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices.

Cover Art
Since You've Been Gone - Morgan Matson
Call Number: FIC MATSON
ISBN: 9781442435001
Publication Date: 2014-05-06
Quiet Emily's sociable and daring best friend, Sloane, has disappeared leaving nothing but a random list of bizarre tasks that Emily would never normally perform, but with unexpected help from popular classmate Frank Porter, Emily gives each a try in the hope that by doing so, she will be led to Sloane by the end of what turns out to be an exciting summer. By the best-selling author of Second Chance Summer and Amy and Roger's Epic Detour.


New Books Winter 2016

Cover Art
The Vault of Dreamers - Caragh M. O'Brien
Call Number: FIC O'BRIEN
ISBN: 9781596439382
Publication Date: 2014-09-16
Rosie Sinclair, who attends an elite arts school where students are contestants on a high stakes reality show, skips her sleeping pill one night and discovers that the school is really a cover-up for the lucrative and sinister practice of dream harvesting.

Cover Art
The Clockwork Scarab - Colleen Gleason
Call Number: FIC GLEASON
ISBN: 9781452110707
Publication Date: 2013-09-17
In 1889 London young women are turning up dead, and Evaline Stoker, relative of Bram, and Mina Holmes, niece of Sherlock, are summoned to investigate the clue of the not-so-ancient Egyptian scarabs--but where does a time traveler fit in?

Cover Art
Top Ten Clues You're Clueless - Liz Czukas
Call Number: FIC CZUKAS
ISBN: 9780062272423
Publication Date: 2014-12-09
Chloe would rather be anywhere than locked in work jail (aka the break room) with five of her coworkers . . . even if one of them is Tyson. But if they can band together to clear their names, what looks like a total disaster might just make Chloe's list of Top Ten Best Moments.

Cover Art
This Monstrous Thing - Mackenzi Lee
Call Number: FIC LEE
ISBN: 9780062382771
Publication Date: 2015-09-22
A creative adaptation of Frankenstein is set in a world where mechanical people built from clockwork parts are shunned and where a young mechanic for illegal clockwork clients attempts to bring his brother back from the dead.

Cover Art
Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong - Prudence Shen; Faith Erin Hicks (Illustrator)
Call Number: GN SHEN
ISBN: 9781596436596
Publication Date: 2013-05-07
The unlikely friendship between basketball team captain Charlie and robotics club president Nate is challenged when Nate declares war on the cheerleaders over funding that will either pay for new uniforms or a robotics competition.

Cover Art
Illuminae - Amie Kaufman; Jay Kristoff
Call Number: FIC KAUFMAN
ISBN: 9780553499117
Publication Date: 2015-10-20
The year is 2575, and two rival megacorporations are at war over a planet that’s little more than an ice-covered speck at the edge of the universe. Too bad nobody thought to warn the people living on it. With enemy fire raining down on them, Kady and Ezra—who are barely even talking to each other—are forced to fight their way onto one of the evacuating fleet, with an enemy warship in hot pursuit.

Cover Art
Fables - Bill Willingham; Mark Buckingham (Illustrator); Lan Medina (Illustrator); Craig Hamilton (Artist); Steve Leialoha (Artist)
ISBN: 9781401224271
Publication Date: 2009-10-06
When a savage creature known only as the Adversary conquered the fabled lands of legends and fairy tales, all of the infamous inhabitants of folklore were forced into exile. Disguised among the normal citizens of modern-day New York, these magical characters created their own secret society-within an exclusive luxury apartment building on Manhattan's Upper West Side-called Fabletown. But when Snow White's party-girl sister, Rose Red, is apparently murdered, it is up to Bigby, Fabletown's sheriff, and a reformed and pardoned Big Bad Wolf, to determine if the culprit is Bluebeard, Rose's ex-lover and notorious wife killer, or Jack, her current live-in boyfriend and former beanstalk-climber.

Cover Art
Made You Up - Francesca Zappia
Call Number: FIC ZAPPIA
ISBN: 9780062290106
Publication Date: 2015-05-19
Struggling with a form of schizophrenia that challenges her ability to discern reality from delusion, Alex unexpectedly falls for a boy and begins to experience typical teen rites of passage that change her perspectives.

Cover Art
Armada - Ernest Cline
Call Number: FIC CLINE
ISBN: 9780804137256
Publication Date: 2015-07-14
Struggling to complete his final month of high school only to glimpse a UFO that exactly resembles an enemy ship from his favorite video game, Zack questions his sanity before becoming one of millions of gamers tasked with protecting the Earth during an alien invasion.

Cover Art
Harrison Squared - Daryl Gregory
Call Number: FIC GREGORY
ISBN: 9780765376954
Publication Date: 2015-03-24
Harrison Harrison-H2 to his mom-is a lonely teenager who's been terrified of the water ever since he was a toddler in California, when a huge sea creature capsized their boat, and his father vanished. One of the "sensitives" who are attuned to the supernatural world, Harrison and his mother have just moved to the worst possible place for a boy like him: Dunnsmouth, a Lovecraftian town perched on rocks above the Atlantic, where strange things go on by night, monsters lurk under the waves, and creepy teachers run the local high school. On Harrison's first day at school, his mother, a marine biologist, disappears at sea. Harrison must attempt to solve the mystery of her accident, which puts him in conflict with a strange church, a knife-wielding killer, and the Deep Ones, fish-human hybrids that live in the bay. It will take all his resources-and an unusual host of allies-to defeat the danger and find his mother.

Cover Art
Article 5 - Kristen Simmons
Call Number: FIC SIMMONS
ISBN: 9780765329615
Publication Date: 2013-01-08
Ember Miller has perfected the art of keeping a low profile in a future society in which Moral Statutes have replaced the Bill of Rights and offenses carry stiff penalties, but when Chase arrests her mother, Ember must take action.

Cover Art
Anathem - Neal Stephenson
ISBN: 9780061474095
Publication Date: 2008-09-01
Having lived in a monastery since childhood away from the violent upheavals of the outside world, Raz becomes one of a group of formerly cloistered scholars who are appointed by a fear-driven higher power to avert an impending catastrophe

Cover Art
Splintered - A. G. Howard
Call Number: FIC HOWARD
ISBN: 9781419704284
Publication Date: 2013-01-01
A descendant of the inspiration for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, sixteen-year-old Alyssa Gardner fears she is mentally ill like her mother until she finds that Wonderland is real and, if she passes a series of tests to fix Alice's mistakes, she may save her family from their curse..


Award Winners

Cover Art
Bone Gap - Laura Ruby
Call Number: Overdrive eBook
ISBN: 9780062317636
Publication Date: 2015-03-03
2016 Printz Award Winner
Knowing that his sister has been kidnapped by a dangerous assailant and that she did not abandon the family like their mother did years earlier, Finn confronts town secrets to organize a search.

Cover Art
Between the World and Me - Ta-Nehisi Coates
Call Number: 305.8 COATES
ISBN: 9780812993547
Publication Date: 2015-07-14
National Book Award Winner
Between the World and Me is Ta-Nehisi Coates’s attempt to answer these questions in a letter to his adolescent son. Coates shares the story of his awakening to the truth about his place in the world through a series of revelatory experiences, from Howard University to Civil War battlefields, from the South Side of Chicago to Paris, from his childhood home to the living rooms of mothers whose children’s lives were taken as American plunder. Between the World and Me clearly illuminates the past, bracingly confronts our present, and offers a transcendent vision for a way forward.

Cover Art
Symphony for the City of the Dead - M. T. Anderson
Call Number: Overdrive eBook
ISBN: 9780763680541
Publication Date: 2015-09-22
YALSA 2016 Excellence in Nonfiction Award Finalist
An account of the Siege of Leningrad reveals the role played by Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovitch and his Leningrad Symphony in rallying and commemorating their fellow citizens.

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